Aqara G2H Security Camera

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Security camera with a focus on privacy. Works with Apple HomeKit Secure Video, and also works as a hub for other Aqara Smart Devices.



The Aqara G2H Camera Hub is a camera built around privacy and smart features. With full support for Apple HomeKit Secure Video, the Aqara G2H can be set up using only the Apple Home app – no need to use the Aqara app. This means footage goes directly to Apple iCloud servers. It also acts as a smart home hub for other Aqara devices, so you can start building a smart home simply.


  • Full support for Apple HomeKit Secure Video
    • Receive Apple Home notifications pushed to your iPhone
    • Set activity zones where motion will trigger notifications
    • Allows disabling the camera when you are home
    • On-device AI facial recognition
  • Also works with full functions on the Aqara app
  • Supports two-way remote calling
  • 140 degree wide field of view
  • Full 1080p high definition
  • Auto-switch to night vision mode
  • Flexible swivel with multiple mounting options
  • Beautiful design


The Aqara G2H can be set up as a smart home hub. Connect other Aqara smart devices to your G2H camera, such as motion sensors, smart wall switches, and wireless switches. Easily set up an Apple Home or Aqara Home.


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